Breaking norms and trying to create something newer — and better — is going to feel strange.

Why I Tell My Partner Exactly How I Want To Be Kissed

In general, I don't believe in compromising for love. I'm not interested in a relationship where I become less of myself to make someone else happy. Read...
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"We’re all capable of violating others’ boundaries."

Learning To Practice Consent As A Straight Woman

I have pressured people into sex. I have had partners say they weren’t in the mood and tried to change their minds. I have sulked when they didn’t. Read...
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Kinksters, Creepers, And Shame, Oh My! On Kink Shaming And Personal Responsibility

Kinksters, I am not here to shame you. I am not telling you not get your rocks off. I am simply advocating introspection. Read...
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Why Your Favorite Fantasy Is Problematic

No, it’s not "just fantasy." Maybe in a better-educated world it would be, but here, it is an active reinforcement of norms. Read...
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Ravishly's Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Left Shark musings, an analysis of "plus-size," and why women should pop the question . . . among other treasures. You know what to do. Ravish it. Read...
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5 Facts About Zoophiles In Aftermath Of #DolphinLover Controversy

Bestiality: five syllables nobody really likes to utter. Especially in the same sentence as tolerance or consent. Read...
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Disturbing But Not "Shocking": New Study Shows 1 In 3 Men Would Rape If They Could Get Away With It

I fully acknowledge that we live in a click-bait-driven world and yet . . . are these findings really "surprising"? Absolutely not. Read...
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When's The Right Time To Stop Mid (Consensual) Sex? Any Time Your Partner Says "Stop" 

Life is not like Temple of Doom. If she wants to get away you can't crack your whip, reel her back, and expect her to be grateful. Read...
James S. Fell    |   01.7.15   |   SHARE
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