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I Didn't Understand Consent Until My Boyfriend Repeatedly Raped Me

The sad thing is, it took someone almost destroying me to make me open my eyes to the extent of what happens when we talk not about a culture of Read...
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If our kids hear us excusing rape or sexual assault in any way, they will internalize that message. Image: Krewr Studio/Pexels.

6 Ways We (Accidentally) Teach Our Kids Rape Culture

As moms and dads, we probably don’t talk directly about rape to kids, at least not until they’re older. But we’re still sending messages about sex Read...
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In gay people, masculinity perceives its soft and vulnerable (i.e., human) underside. Image: The All-Nite Images/Flickr.

Masculinity Is Killing Us

To worship all that is masculine often means to frame oneself in opposition to those in the LGBT community. The attitudes and values of that Read...
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I watch, fearfully, sadly, and angrily as evidence of everything she said my father did to her slowly reveals itself to me.

'It's All In Your Head': Intimate Partner Violence And Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

My father was an abusive man, plain and simple. That wasn’t all he was, but to my mother, that's who he was. He was a controlling individual who Read...
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Seven Years After The Abuse, And Triggers Still Remain

It’s been seven years since I left him. Most days he doesn’t cross my mind. I forget that he existed. The things that he put me through are filed Read...
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Turkey's President Helpfully Explains Women Are Not Equal To Men

President Erdogan's sexist speech on women is more than just ignorant words, it represents a nation's attitude towards systemic violence. Read...
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1 In 5 Men Admit To Domestic Violence—Making It More Common Than Diabetes

A new study shows that at least one in five men admit to domestic violence. Can we say "epidemic"? Read...
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Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty Of Murder—In A Country With World's Highest Rate Of Violence Against Women

This verdict is troubling for more reasons than the obvious one. Read...
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