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My Friend-With-Benefits Isn’t Even My Friend

I call him by his full first name. Not the nickname his friends call him; that’s too familiar. He’s not a friend-with-benefits because he’s not my friend.


7 Habits That Make Someone Good In Bed

You don’t even have to be a good person to be incredible at sex, apparently (my ex proves this).


7 Ways To Treat Your #ActivistBae

Self-care is hard, but it is especially necessary for those of us engaged in activism. It is easy to become so engrossed with activism (which, as you know, focuses on organizing and combating oppression) that self-care falls by the wayside. Participating in self-care, in fact, is a revolutionary act, and it should be equally ingrained in activism work. Out of selflessness, however, activists often put greater needs above our own.


Anorexia: A Love Story

I don't recall meeting my first love. It seems he was always with me.

I can almost hear Adele warbling on the stereo. Courtesy of ThinkStock

China Celebrates "Singles' Day" With Self-Loathing Shopping Sprees

Chinese singles may seem self-loathing but Americans have their own strange self-love problems.

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Gossip Can Have Valuable Social Benefits—Celebrate With Missy Elliot!

Gossip, gossip, ninja just stop it.

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America's Next Top Pornhub Idol? Our Top 5 Picks For Official Pornhub Anthem

Pornhub has a record label. Line forms to the left, folks.


If We'd Listened to Aldous Huxley, Would the Viral "Look Up" Video Never Have Happened?

By now, you've probably seen the video urging everyone to experience life in real-time. Huxley was preaching the same thing years ago. Now, is it too late to change?