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Stop Telling Me To Leave NYC For A "Better Life”

The sum of a city isn’t always made up of its parts.

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On Reparations, Gentrification, The Role Of Police, And Other Intellectual Pursuits

I think about extremism and free speech and bigotry and the role of satire and privilege, always privilege. My brain is very full.

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On Death And Driving Lessons

Three of my grandparents died within seven months of each other. And I didn't even have a driver's license.


Krysta Brayer: Photographer, Fine Artist

Spotted: Snapping a photo on Market Street, San Francisco

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UN Finds Climate Change Disproportionately Affects Women

Following the largest climate-change demonstration in history, the UN Climate Summit could spurn an overdue examination of the Earth's pending demise.

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What I Learned While Tindering My Way Across The Country

A girl, her thumb, and her iPhone traverse the USA.


Elle: Trend-forecaster, Sloth-enthusiast

Spottedon the street in Downtown LA


Quote of the Day: Donald Sterling Asks, “Is She One of Those Black People that Stink?”

Turns out Donald Sterling's disgusting life views on race may have killed his Koreatown resident last year.