“"Have a burger for God’s sake,” “You’re a twig,” “Are you anorexic?”

"Lucky": The Plight Of The Naturally Skinny Girl 

I don’t care about my weight. But other people do.

Being skinny or fat or anything in between doesn’t determine whether or not someone should be happy. Image: Thinkstock.

Please Don't Call My Son 'Skinny'

We are often so focused on what we say to girls, that we forget the impact our words have on our boys. One flippant mention of my son’s “skinny” figure has turned into a source of unnecessary turmoil for him, and has lead to this difficult but important conversation about body image.

Nowadays, if I eat more than two slices of pizza in front of anyone other than my wife, things get weird.

It's Only Cute When Skinny Girls Eat Pizza

Thin women can overeat, and it is seen as a quirk, or a one-time indulgence they deserve, or even proof that they aren’t anorexic. Fat women though? We are expected to constantly prove that we’re doing our best to not be fat.

What is "healthy?"

Former Sports Illustrated Cover Model Cheryl Tiegs Fat-Shames Ashley Graham

“Her face is beautiful. Beautiful,” Tiegs said.

"Stop waiting. Go be awesome."

The Not Skinny Enough Excuse: Why Do We Wait For Happiness Until We Are Skinny?  

So many of us are waiting until we're skinnier. We're putting off dreams, big plans, and just plain old feeling good about ourselves until an elusive, future day when we think we will finally deserve what we want. Do you do this?


Our Unhealthy Obsession With Being Thin—And What We Can Do About It

The new book Body of Truth questions our never-ending quest for the perfect physique.


Waist-Shaming Cinderella's Lily James Does Not Help The Body-Acceptance Cause

No woman should have to justify her small waist.

Karlie Kloss is insecure, too (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Even Supermodels Hate The Way They Look 

You know we have a cultural problem when even Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr aren't immune to physical insecurity.