I knew it wasn’t just post-baby blues that had me down.

Confidence In The Bedroom Boils Down To One Thing

Confidence in the bedroom is possible! What was messing with my sex drive was not extra pounds but the feeling that I wasn’t being true to myself. Read...
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How to love as an's possible!

Finding Love As An Asexual Person​

Love and relationships may seem like distant dreams for an asexual person. A lack of interest in sex does not equate to a lack of interest in Read...
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Am I a home wrecker? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Do You Think I'm A Home Wrecker? 

I’ve been talking to this guy I️ met on a dating app but I found out he has a girlfriend. Do you think I'm a home wrecker? Read...
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Ask Erin
If you do decide to tell your partner that you want to see a therapist, you might feel more comfortable if you have back up plan.

How To Tell Your Partner That You Want To See A Therapist   

Deciding to tell your partner that you want to see a therapist can be scary. And sometimes it's even a good idea to see someone together! Read...
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While the kind of depression we have might not be compatible, we still are.

What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship When You Both Have Depression

Depression is difficult to live with, alone, or in a couple. Read...
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 People are constantly judged for not being the “relationship type,” thanks to false stereotypes.

It’s OK If You’re Not The Relationship Type

People often make a big deal about someone who is not the “relationship type,” but I have been single for a while now, and there is nothing I enjoy Read...
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(Image: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: I'm In Love With My Best Friend, But He Has A Girlfriend; What Do I Do?  

He is the first person I want to tell things to when something happens, and the person I want to hang out with the most. I'm in love with my best Read...
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Ask Erin
Taking care of yourself and conquering your people-pleasing ways doesn’t give you license to stop caring about other people’s feelings — especially your partner’s.

Is Your People Pleasing Personality Killing Your Relationship?

The problem with people pleasing: You’re trying so hard to be good. So how come you feel so bad? Read...
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