Awesome Teen Pens Feminist Yearbook Quote

Would I relive high school all over again? Absolutely not. But this senior from Oak Hills High School in California is at least making me reconsider changing my yearbook quote from something dull to something fabulous.


American Moral Politics Lean to Left, Study Finds

American ideals originating from the 1950s seem to be fading as the nuclear family structure is becoming, well, old-fashioned.


69-Year-Old Cher Just Became the Face of Marc Jacobs' New Fashion Line

Cher, the 69-year-old singer often referred to as the Goddess of Pop, has been announced as the face of Marc Jacobs' fashion line.

Old guy, younger woman. Nonsense.

37 Is Too Old To Date, Says Hollywood

I just wonder. . . if my daughter came home one day and said she couldn’t have a job because she was too old, how would that be right?

Comedians Frangela Duo

Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Woman Poops In Kmart 

A 49-year-old woman leaves behind a special present at a Racine, WI, Kmart store, her poop! She decided to drop her drawers on the store's floor (or rather, in a box on the floor) instead of using the restrooms. Frangela's recount of the misfire is a deserving bowl full of . . . laughs.


Fearless Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies at 75

Mark (left) at a photography festival, 2011 (credit:

Ex Machina Promotional

The Castrating Power Of The Femme Fatale: Ex Machina

Their sexuality traps and destroys male innocence, as they grad hold, by the penis- the better to lead him to castration. Make no mistake that castration is greeted with fear, terror, and disgust—but also with glee. Women as super villains allow their characters to be super powerful; a force for evil is at least a force. In a media landscape where women are often rendered secondary, invisible, and passive, the femme fatale, in her icy violence, seizes female agency along with the phallus that she so efficiently cuts off.


Dutch Students Seek 'White Classmates' To Prevent School's Closure

In a story that's eliciting multiple side-eyes across the globe, Dutch immigrant children are demanding more “white classmates” in their schools.