Clint Eastwood Finally Redeems Himself After Empty Chair Fiasco

The Western front hasn’t quite been the same since Clint Eastwood showcased his senility last election. Yes, his son is Read...
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The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

It's the end of the work week! Come bask in the best shamelessly fun, adorable viral videos of the week. Read...
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Bobsledding Black Ladies are Badass and Making History As We Speak

Olympians are the closest thing that humanity has to divine and holy athleticism. Just to be deemed worthy of the Olympics is, well, kind of amazing Read...
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Facebook Joins the 21st Century, 58 Gender Options Now Available

“Male or female?” Damn, can’t we just change this question to “fabulous or Read...
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Valentines That Say Everything But I Love you

Previously, we offered up some Valentines Cards that provided that perfect element of Read...
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Sniff! 1 Million Facebookers Rally for Birthday of Boy with Asperger's Syndrome

Just when you start to think the world is cold and bleak, a story like this comes along and you want to start hugging strangers in the street. Here's Read...
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Not Your Mama's Cross Stitch: Check Out this Epic Star Wars Tapestry

Here's some inspiration for anyone who's been wanting to take up cross-stitch Read...
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