Watch: Why Disney Movies are Actually Creepy

Many love to rave about Disney movies and princesses, but did you ever notice that the plots are completely wacko? Like, sure the princesses are (kind of) awesome. The music is ridiculously well done. Nostalgia? Oh, so much.

But as we get older, we start to notice odd little things in our beloved films. Take Pocahontas, for instance: a quick Google search will tell you that the actual girl (yes, girl) was 11 when she met John Smith. The Disney film had her looking about 21, which is coincidentally the age at which she died. Naturally, Disney had to throw in an adorable cartoon raccoon and a wise talking tree to gloss over these inaccuracies. And we loved it! I may or may not be singing "Colors of the Wind" at this very moment.

Still, watching the video below illustrates just how strange these classic old films were. Behold this hot man acting out our favorite Disney scenes in real life. I'm pretty sure you'll never look at pasta sharing the same way ever again.



Image: Epicness in the making. Courtesy of, YouTube.




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