Yale Editors Write Snarky (Non) Non-Endorsement Of Clinton

(Image Credit: http://www.yale.edu via Wikimedia Commons)

(Image Credit: http://www.yale.edu via Wikimedia Commons)

Never before has a group of college students expressed such clever commitment… to the tax code.

This morning, Yale’s student newspaper “refused” to endorse Secretary Clinton, writing in their first paragraph that they retain their “strong commitment to being a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.” And so, they claim to be barred from engaging in political activity.

Yeah. Except no.

The official title of their non-but-actually-definite endorsement of Clinton reads “The Yale Record Does Not Endorse Hillary Clinton.” To get a feel for what they mean, here’s a choice line:

“We do not support her impressive commitment to serving and improving this country — a commitment to which she has dedicated her entire professional career.”

There wasn’t much mention of Trump. Make that any mention. And that lack of any spotlight was probably intentional. Nothing causes Mr. Trump more perplexity and sadness than getting left out. He really loves the sound and look of his name.

In a year of epic trolling, the kids at Yale prove they know how to hang with the best of them. This might be the classiest form of burn the 2016 election sees. 

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